Trees, Trees, and More Trees Painting Class

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Using acrylic paints, learn how to create your very own tree portrait using a variety of painting techniques such as under-painting, texturizing, glazing and veiling.  This is a two part class where we will learn to discern in our creative projects and stay true to our good intentions. Join a group of creative souls engaging in the Creative Canvas Class  … Read More

Ready, Set, Go! Action Painting Class

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Learn about the design elements that make a great abstract painting.  During this class, I will be engaging you in the fun techniques of dripping, dragging, scraping and throwing paint to create an acrylic abstract that represents your true self-expression. I will be conducting this Creative Canvas Class  at the Fort Langley Centennial Museum, 9135 King St, Fort Langley on … Read More

Art Sales, Rentals and Curation Offerings

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  Creating Insights Through Art.   INCREASE the REAL and PERCEIVED VALUE of your BUSINESS. Creative Assessment:  Have your office assessed for the optimum art solution that fits you and your business best.  Send me 3 pictures of your office, and I will show you what we can do to generate the perfect ambience for your customers/visitors. GENERATE the PERFECT … Read More

Create Passion

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Creating is connected to intention and our ability to create must be rooted in meaning and purpose, or it will not be sustainable.  Put passion into your work by coming from a place of meaning and purpose. Creativity Exercise: Reflect on the contributions that you have made throughout your life that were meaningful and satisfying.  Notice what you generated that … Read More

Creative Entrepreneurship in Partnership

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Entrepreneurship in Partnership is designed to empower the individual in finding their best way to contribute to the success of the businesses in which they are involved. In this full day workshop we explore elements that lead to powerful creative collaboration and innovation for small businesses. We will explore the factors that alleviate existing issues in working in isolated work … Read More

Creative Conversations Series

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Live from your highest power as a human being – to Create! Explore what it takes to live in the creative realm more of the time, and obtain support for your creative endeavours through group discussions and fun exercises.   Session Process: This is a 1-2 hour facilitated group session where attendees will develop their capacity for creative thinking and … Read More

Creative Reflections Cards

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Want to Master Your Creativity and Access Your Inner Creator?  Try these Creative Energy Cards (48 cards in a deck). Are you curious about your creative abilities? These cards will help you access the fulfillment in authentic self expression that you desire. Explore new ways to overcome creative blocks, build capacity and grow your authentic self-expression. Each of these 48 … Read More

Creative Canvas One on One Painting Sessions

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  Join me for Creative Canvas Painting Sessions: Play –  Each session will include painting in acrylics with fun creativity exercises. Build on and expand your painting skills. Obtain new ideas and fresh approaches to your projects. Connect and share in your creative expressions with others. Location: In my garage studio in Surrey. If you would like to arrange a … Read More

What does it take to stay true to your creative vision?

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Sometimes I’m vision challenged.  I’ve spent years here and there working on a vision for my future.  I’ve put together copious notes in multiple journals building my visions, my dreams, and my intentions that I have for the future.  I have many art projects, business ventures, health plans, learning activities, and retirement plans in my head.  They are all up … Read More

Why Original Art is Good for Business

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The arts are fundamental to our humanity.  They inspire us – fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty.  When businesses have no visuals on their walls, their offices are uninspiring and their business can appear to be stagnating. Showing beautifully executed examples of contemporary art in a business creates a hyper-stimulating environment that fosters innovative and collaborative thinking for its employees, and … Read More