Create Passion

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Creating is connected to intention and our ability to create must be rooted in meaning and purpose, or it will not be sustainable.  Put passion into your work by coming from a place of meaning and purpose. Creativity Exercise: Reflect on the contributions that you have made throughout your life that were meaningful and satisfying.  Notice what you generated that … Read More

Creative Reflections Cards

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Want to Master Your Creativity and Access Your Inner Creator?  Try these Creative Energy Cards. Are you curious about your creative abilities? Do you desire fulfillment in authentic self-expression? Are you looking to infuse new innovative approaches into your work? Explore new ways to overcome creative blocks, build innovative capacity, and grow your authentic self-expression through these 48 creative energy … Read More

What does it take to stay true to your creative vision?

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Sometimes I’m vision challenged.  I’ve spent years here and there working on a vision for my future.  I’ve put together copious notes in multiple journals building my visions, my dreams, and my intentions that I have for the future.  I have many art projects, business ventures, health plans, learning activities, and retirement plans in my head.  They are all up … Read More

“What happens if…” How do I get past my fears and share my creative work?

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Ah yes, our feelings of vulnerability.  That conscious or subconscious fear that you will be attacked verbally or physically for something you have done/not done. When we create, we put our passions and love into our art form and that which we have created, so the mere chance that it might spur any kind of attack is overwhelming.  Even minor … Read More

“I’m overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start” How do I deal with this overwhelm?

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How have feelings of overwhelm impacted your creative works?  In today’s world, with a constant flow of ideas and unrealistic to-do lists, we wrestle daily with narrowing our choices.   Variety is both seductive and destructive to our focus.  Most creators have more ideas than lifetimes to fill on the activities that their ideas produce.  As we continue to generate new … Read More

How do I manage my inner critic so that I can move forward with my projects?

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Our self talk often includes words that judge, accuse, create doubt, remove hope, and even give up on the things that we want most for ourselves.  Our creative abilities can provide us with our greatest fulfillment in life, and yet we don’t exercise it, thanks to the inner critic.  Creativity can be stopped in an instant with the simplest of … Read More

How do I get off the couch and get started? How can I actually begin and complete my creative projects?

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In creating, the hardest part is often to begin. When it comes to working on our creative projects we often don’t give them priority in our lives.  The things that get in our way can range from being busy with work, caring for others, other priorities on the home-front such as maintenance tasks like cleaning, laundry, gardening etc.  And then … Read More

Nurturing the Creative Spirit – A Primer

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Nurturing the Creative Spirit – A Primer   Creation is our natural tendency.  Humans are adept at creating ideas, creating projects, creating relationships, creating problems, creating solutions, creating excuses, and so on and so on.  However, it is not unusual for the average person to underestimate their capacity to be creative.  Most of us are notorious for putting up barriers … Read More