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Live from your highest power as a human being – to Create!

Explore what it takes to live in the creative realm more of the time, and obtain support for your creative endeavours through group discussions and fun exercises.


Session Process:

This is a 1-2 hour facilitated group session where attendees will develop their capacity for creative thinking and self expression.  During each session a topic will be explored that will help us break through blockages to our creative process, and open up new inspirations that keep us moving forward in our creative projects either individually or collaboratively.

Topics explored can be:

  • Nurturing creativity
  • Building creative capacity
  • Managing the inner critic
  • Creating commitment towards innovation
  • Prevailing over procrastination
  • Addressing vulnerabilities
  • Finding meaning and purpose in creations
  • Overcoming overwhelm
  • Staying focused and true while being open to change
  • Creating community and finding support

I will facilitate each session including group exercises that expand the mind and help remove those nasty, irritating blocks to the creative process, while providing food for thought that will inspire individuals and groups to take on new challenges and growth.

Attendee Outcomes:

New insights and ideas – Develop creative intention by tapping into the wisdom of groups

Fresh approaches – Learn new methods of building towards creative and innovative outcomes

Momentum – Make forward movement towards your ongoing and future projects.

Connection – Meet in community and obtain feedback from other creative minds


Availability:  If you would like a session for your organization/team, contact me by email

Value:  $5 per person (min 5 & max 20 participants)

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