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Entrepreneurship in Partnership is designed to empower the individual in finding their best way to contribute to the success of the businesses in which they are involved. In this full day workshop we explore elements that lead to powerful creative collaboration and innovation for small businesses. We will explore the factors that alleviate existing issues in working in isolated work environments and collaborate to identify those that lead to success.

Whether you are joint owner of an small business, an employee, or a supporter of an entrepreneur, this course will serve you.  This course is intended for entrepreneurs, and their teams, who are looking for ways to make a difference in the success of their business.


During this course, we will:

  1. Explore the existing stages of development for your business
  2. Find creative solutions for existing challenges and identify habits that will support long term success
  3. Set new goals towards improving the business and building results
  4. Create new perspectives on your business and obtain clarity in your direction forward.

“It is the creative contributions of people that allows organizations to grow and flourish.” William Miller

Activities include:

  1. Facilitated dialogue that connects the team’s experiences and issues to the business
  2. Exercises that build clarity of purpose for engaging in your industry and identifying your unique offerings
  3. Exploration of the contributions and values the team brings to the business
  4. Identifying the elements that will build mastery in your business
  5. Goal setting and business planning for partners and team members.

Here are some of the comments made by attendees of these sessions :

“I gained much more than I expected.  It was encouraging to learn from others and their business experiences.  Thanks for putting on these sessions to get us connected, inspired, and motivated about our careers and partnerships.”

“Joanne Dennis is an inspirational coach.  She has taught me to look into myself for answers, push the envelope beyond my comfort zone, and reach my full potential without being afraid.  My journey with Joanne has helped me to focus on what is really important to me both professionally and personally, without hesitation and with a great degree of certainty – for which I am very grateful.”

Availability:  If you would like a session for your organization/team, contact me by email

Value: $600  per 4  hour session



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