Trees, Trees, and More Trees Painting Class

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Using acrylic paints, learn how to create your very own tree portrait using a variety of painting techniques such as under-painting, texturizing, glazing and veiling.  This is a two part class where we will learn to discern in our creative projects and stay true to our good intentions.

Join a group of creative souls engaging in the Creative Canvas Class  at the Fort Langley Centennial Museum on two Sundays, Sep 10 and 17 between 1 pm – 3:30 pm.

Our subject of the day is …

Trees, Trees and More Trees – Separating the Forest from the Trees.  Besides painting a tree of your choice (deciduous or coniferous),  I will coach the group in analyzing their creative process to make better choices based upon our investigations besides our inspirations.

The Creative Canvas SeriesTM is an exploration in creative conversations and painting, and is designed to explore the various ways that we can break through our creator fears and to create something fun and interesting.  These sessions are for anyone who wants to develop their capacity for creative expression, and open up to new creative inspirations that will have you take on a bigger game in your artistic creations.

Register your seat at and enter the search code Trees.

Cost is only $70 for 2 sessions of instruction with all supplies included.

Give yourself the gift of a few hours of creative life giving energy.

Live Creatively!


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